D1 High Resolution Interview
Recording System

  • Intuitive Touchscreen Control…Integral DVD Burner
  • Local/Network File Capture…Removable Memory
  • Time/Date Watermark…Professional Stereo Microphones
  • One or Two Camera Configuration

“Your High Resolution Interview Recording Solution…”

LEGALTEK LX is a reliable, standalone/network HR video recording system that is simple to install and intuitive to operate. The self-contained, maintenance-free digital video recorder utilizes both the stable LINUX operating system and MPEG2 recording standard for universal compatibility.

LX recorders features exclusive frame watermarking which provides a visual time/date/user overlay for both reference and authentication of recordings. Time, Date and Department information are permanently embedded in a watermark that virtually eliminates authenticity challenges. Files record directly to removable, non-volatile solid-state memory. LXII systems feature a ruggedized external 2TB hard drive capable of greater than 4200 hours of file storage.

Additional features include over-record protection, picture-in-picture recording of two camera views simultaneously and adjustable duration pre-event recording.

The advanced graphic user interface and archival file management allows users to create standard Movie or DATA DVDs with the integral DVD burner. With the H.264 video network encoder and supplied VMS

Network Video Management Software, IT administrators can easily define profiles for live streaming and remote file storage.

LX digital recording systems are both rugged and reliable. Commercial grade LCD panels provide a brighter, sharper picture with extraordinary contrast and very accurate color reproduction. When combined with our high-resolution cameras and pre-amplified high gain PZM microphone system, the LX yields detailed recordings of superior intelligibility even when suspects are whispering. Bose multimedia stereo speakers featuring TrueSpace stereo digital processing circuitry, provide high-quality audio performance, with clear detailed wide lifelike sound at any volume.

LEGALTEK offers a broad selection of accessories to support the LX including a multi-media digital audio recorder, DVD transcription kit, magnetic card reader and premium archival DVD media. An extended warranty program is available.

Choose from several system packages: Basic, Stereo, Stereo Picture-In-Picture, Child Forensic and Stereo Pan Tilt Zoom with 3 Axis Controller.

  • Frame Watermarking…Permanent Time/Date Overlay…Single or Dual Cameras
  • Professional Microphones…Stereo Audio Processor...Enhanced Intelligibility
  • Network Encoder and Remote File Storage Software Included
  • Two Year Factory Warranty…Telephone and On Line Tech Support