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1080P High Definition Interview
Recording System

  • Simple Button Control…Single or Dual Cameras
  • Local/Network H.264 File Capture…Removable Memory
  • Time/Date Watermark…Create Multiple DVDs Rapidly

“Your High Resolution Interview Recording Solution…”

LegalTek is dedicated to…

Legaltek brings together cutting edge, high-definition camera and recording technology to offer agencies the best available tools to view and document custodial interviews. Professional-grade microphones coupled with active audio processing yield recordings of crystal clarity, even when subjects are whispering. Broadcast level high definition cameras document every detail of what transpired during a critical interaction between police and subject.

Legaltek’s turnkey “hardware based” High Definition Recording Solutions provide the most reliable and secure way for law enforcement to collect and archive custodial interviews. By targeting both removable non-volatile solid-state memory and network storage locations simultaneously, the possibility of critical data loss due to system malfunction or catastrophic hard drive failure is virtually eliminated.

Intuitive and easy to use, the LX Monarch requires little or no training or support to operate. Simple button controls initiate recording. Officers are free to focus on the purpose of the interview…the gathering and correlation of information to develop a criminal case for prosecution. IT administrators can easily define profiles for live streaming and local recording via the Command Center.

The LX Monarch captures HD video in the universally compatible H.264/MPEG-4 format, which equals up to 50% smaller file size. Simple drag and drop tools make burning multiple DVDs as easy as 1-2-3. Files can be exported in any format. Legaltek equipment can be easily self-installed and is essentially maintenance free.

Purchase only the equipment that you need…no expensive mainframes or proprietary software licensing…systems can often be acquired with available department funding. The equipment cost will be rapidly amortized by the reduction in trial preparation and court time for officers, and the virtual elimination of lawsuits stemming from frivolous claims of officer misconduct during custodial interviews.

Legaltek’s technical group has provided purpose-engineered solutions for law enforcement professionals and government entities for over 20 years. We are a trusted developer and equipment provider to the United States Military, Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies and numerous international clients.

Learn more about the LXMonarch…

LX MONARCH is a reliable, standalone/network high definition video recording system that is simple to install and operate. Monarch’s dual independent H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10 (AVC) encoders can be assigned to individual tasks. The LXM can record both master quality H.264 files locally on SD or USB drives for immediate availability, while simultaneously targeting a network-mapped drive so that files are immediately available to anyone on the network. By targeting local and remote storage simultaneously, the LXM ensures that no recording will be lost should the network go down. Because H.264 is up to twice as efficient as MPEG-4 Part 2 (natural video) encoding, recording bit rate savings of greater than 50% are achievable. While maximizing available disc space and video quality, the resulting smaller HD files will require no more archival storage than older analog systems. Legaltek’s exclusive time/date inserter provides frame watermarking and a permanent visual time/date/user overlay for both reference and authentication of recorded files. IT administrators can easily define profiles for live streaming and local recording via the Command Center, using any device on the network that supports a standard web browsing application such as a tablet. The LXM is designed for operator ease-of-use and features one-click operation to start recording locally or from anywhere within the user interface. As an H.264 video recorder, content is captured as either MOV or MP4 files to ensure that recordings can be played by the viewer’s choice of application. Quickly duplicate files and create any format DVDs with the included video conversion software. Simple drag and drop tools make burning multiple DVDs as easy as 1-2-3, just select source, select destination and copy. Files can be exported in any video format.

Furthermore, the LXM provides viewer defined layouts during file playback, which is particularly useful when isolating a specific camera view for review or presentation. This feature, when used with a compatible 3rd party player, enables the viewer to select their preferred viewing layout. The synchronized recording of Monarch LCS’ dual inputs is invaluable when such players are used. By aligning video inputs, the viewer can seamlessly switch to their preferred camera view while maintaining perfectly synchronized audio and video, which is invaluable for courtroom presentation.

LXM HD Camera Module
Legaltek’s high definition cameras feature broadcast level 1080P CMOS image sensors with mega-pixel lens and are available in both non-covert or proprietary disguise housings. SDI video signals from the cameras can travel more than 300 feet (100 meters) over coaxial cable without signal degradation, which is ideal if the viewing location is some distance from the interview room. LXM’s sensitive stereo professional PZM stereo microphone system with active audio processing, will enhance intelligibility of soft-spoken subjects, making transcription more accurate and less arduous. Bose multimedia powered speakers featuring TrueSpace stereo digital processing circuitry, provide high-quality stereo audio performance, with clear detailed wide lifelike sound at any volume. Sony studio headphones are provided to enhance critical listening.

Two Year Factory Warranty…Telephone and On Line Tech Support